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            COMPANY NEWS

            • Laser Marking Fights Counterfeiting

              Laser Marking Fights Counterfeiting


              For the last few years, the rate of counterfeiting has been increasing in almost all areas. Apart from financial losses in the billions, counterfeited medications can be fatal. For this reason, the...

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            • Laser Technology in the Industry

              Laser Technology in the Industry


              There are many benefits of using laser technology in industry. At present laser is routinely used for scanning, for processing materials such as welding, cutting, glazing, alloying, cladding,...

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            • Application of UV Laser in Enterprise Processing Field

              Application of UV Laser in Enterprise Processing Field


              Lasers are currently used in the processing field of enterprises to reach 44.3%, and ultraviolet lasers are known for their fine processing and become one of the mainstream lasers of fiber...

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