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            INDUSTRY NEWS

            How Laser Technology Changed The World

            Time:2020-09-16 Click:120

            A laser, an acronym for 'light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation', produces a narrow light beam and is used in many different industries. Thanks to its ability to stay focused, unlike a torch whose light spreads out, a laser is particularly useful in industries where precision is key.

            They’re widely used in a range of sectors. A laser is essential in some areas and has, in fact, changed the world. We’re going to take a look at just how much of an impact the laser has had.

            Lasers in medicine

            Laser technology has a big role in the world of medicine. Lasers have been able to help when it comes to treating some cancers. The precision of the laser can be aimed to burn away abnormal or cancerous cells and reduce tumours.

            Cancer Research states that lasers can be used to destroy small areas of precancerous cells, shrink or destroy tumours and relieve some cancer symptoms such as bleeding or blockage.

            Lasers have also been used in surgeries to cut tissue with precision (instead of using a scalpel) and are used in laser eye surgery. Lasers have had a huge impact on the medical industry.

            Lasers in security

            We’ve all seen the movies where someone is slowly lowered from a ceiling and hovers over a laser field protecting a priceless piece of art. While we don’t know the full extent of some building’s security systems, most laser security systems use an infrared motion detector (infrared lasers are a low-cost, high power laser). As a security system, they can be used inside or outside the home and can be highly effective in setting a perimeter alarm.

            Lasers in printing

            We’ve come a long way since the printing press, and we can now print high-quality precise documents, thanks to laser printers. Laser printers work in a very clever way – complicated, but clever. Think about trying to write using a laser beam, that’s how it works. The printer’s laser will beam what you want to print onto a drum inside the printer. It then uses static energy to attract toner (a finely powdered substance). The drum then rolls the toner onto the page to form the print and the toner is melted onto the page.

            Lasers are used around the world and have had a big impact on the way we do things. Lasers have saved lives and given people longer with their families and they’ve given sight to people. They can add protection and make people feel safe, and they can also help complete jobs to a high standard. Lasers have changed the world.

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