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            COMPANY NEWS

            Laser Technology in the Industry

            Time:2019-05-27 Click:115
            There are many benefits of using laser technology in industry. At present laser is routinely used for scanning, for processing materials such as welding, cutting, glazing, alloying, cladding, non-destructive testing, etc.
            Lasers are also used in aligning structures such as bridges, large buildings, tunnels, pipes, mines, etc.

            The laser has completely replaced the traditional drilling techniques for drilling holes in diamonds, so as to make bow molds, gems, turbine blades for jet engines; widely used for cutting metal, ceramic, plastic, cardboard, cloth, etc.

            Laser annealing of solar cells improves their performance. Lasers can be used to write directly on silicon wafers, and patterns for making integrated circuits.

            The laser is widely used for marking on plastic, metal products, etc. Laser scanners are used to read bar codes on consumer goods in shops, to check precision components in workshops, to identify goods carts in a moving train and to read texts and other documents.
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