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            COMPANY NEWS

            Application of UV Laser in Enterprise Processing Field

            Time:2021-04-16 Click:115

            Lasers are currently used in the processing field of enterprises to reach 44.3%, and ultraviolet lasers are known for their fine processing and become one of the mainstream lasers of fiber lasers. Why can ultraviolet lasers be quickly applied in various micro machining fields? What are its advantages in the market? What are the unique attributes in industrial micro machining applications? Next, I will come carefully for everyone.

            Solid-state ultraviolet laser

            Solid-state ultraviolet lasers are classified into xenon lamp-pumped ultraviolet lasers, krypton lamp-pumped ultraviolet lasers, and new laser diode-pumped all-solid-state lasers according to pumping methods. Generally, an integrated design is adopted, which has the characteristics of small spot, high repetition frequency, reliable performance, strong heat dissipation capacity, good beam quality and stable power.

            Application areas of UV lasers

            Ultraviolet lasers have the advantages that other lasers do not have. They can limit thermal stress, reduce damage to the workpiece during processing, and maintain the integrity of the workpiece. At present, ultraviolet lasers are used in enterprise processing fields, mainly in four areas, glass crafts, ceramic crafts, plastic crafts, and cutting crafts.

            1. Glass craft: Glass marking can be applied to the packaging of glass bottles in various industries such as wine bottles, seasoning bottles, beverage bottles, etc. It can also be used in the manufacture of glass craft gifts, crystal marking, etc.
            2. Laser cutting: UV laser equipment can be used in many fields in the production of flexible boards, including FPC profile cutting, contour cutting, drilling, cover film opening, soft and hard board uncovering and trimming, mobile phone cases Cutting, PCB shape cutting, etc.
            3. Plastic marking: the scope of application includes most general plastics and some engineering plastics, such as PP, PE, PBT, PET, PA, ABS, POM, PS, PC, PUS, EVA, etc. It can also be used for plastic alloys such as; PC/ABS and other materials, the handwriting marked by laser is clear and bright, and black and white handwriting can be marked.
            4. Ceramic carving: The application range includes tableware ceramics, vase ceramics, building supplies, ceramic sanitary ware, tea set ceramics, etc., UV laser ceramic marking, high peak value, small thermal effect, has natural advantages for similar ceramic fragile products, such as etching, Engraving and cutting are not easy to damage the device, and the process is precise, which reduces the waste of resources.

            In recent years, China UV laser market has shown a continuous upward trend, reflecting the application and development trend of domestic UV lasers from the side. According to feedback from the market and users, the UV laser market is moving towards higher power, shorter pulse picoseconds, and femtosecond higher repetition rates.

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