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            Xiaomi was formally established in April 2010. It is an innovative technology enterprise focusing on the construction of high-end smart phones, Internet TVs and smart home ecological chains. "Let everyone enjoy the fun of technology" is Xiaomi's vision. Xiaomi has applied the Internet development model to develop products, uses the spirit of geeks to make products, and uses the Internet model to eliminate intermediate links, and is committed to making everyone in the world enjoy high-quality technology products from China.

            In 2017, Xiaomi crossed the threshold of 100 billion in revenue. Xiaomi's mobile phone sales have successfully reversed. It has always adhered to technological innovation and released the surging S1 processor chip. Xiaomi MIX 2 continues to lead the full-screen technology; through the huge and advanced intelligent hardware ecological chain layout With continuous investment in cloud services, the world’s largest IOT platform has been built, and the first successful landing product in the domestic AI field; internationalization has developed rapidly, with sales in 16 countries in more than 70 countries and regions entering the top Five places, among which India has ranked first in market share for two consecutive quarters.
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