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            The SEGORN Experience starts with our sales team. Our approach to every project is to understand your specific needs so that we can develop the right solution for you. This starts from the beginning of our discussions, not just after-sales support. We believe this experience begins with having an outstanding culture and employing the best people in the industry who look to serve, innovate, and create win/wins with our customers.


            Our applications engineers enhance the SEGORN Experience by thoroughly understanding the needs of your application.  Helping out the sales team, applications engineers provide a high level of expertise on the marking method and product settings to get the mark you're looking for.  At SEGORN, we know how to make a great mark, and we adapt to the specific requirements that are most important to you, delivering free sample marking with a report summarizing the application information.


            Our operations team takes your project and makes it a reality.  We hold project review meetings to discuss the technical details and develop an engineered laser marking solution with you, because we don't believe in just pushing out more of the same product if it doesn't solve your unique challenges.  This team coordinates all of the engineers and production personnel, including machinists and electrical experts.

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